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let's start the rainbowlution!
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a perfect day would find me inside a handmade lace fortress, a cup of berry-filled ice cream in front of me, my nose burrowed in a book, preferably with tales of fantastic worlds filled with fairies or maybe unicorns. maybe the sun's rays beside me, or the soft insistence of raindrops. have you ever seen a rainbow sliver through glass? imagine that a hundred times over, a medley of stars and color as the sky.
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(thanks to lemonadepoem for the layout and kat mcleod for the artwork. i love you)

80s, activism, advertising, alice walker, alternative, amigurumi art, androgyny, andy warhol, angelina jolie, angst, anime, asians, aslan, astrology, barbie's cradle, bargains, bisexuals, black, black and white photography, blythe dolls, book smells, books, booksale, boyish girls, broken social scene, bust magazine, but i'm a cheerleader, butong pakwan, buttons, c.s. lewis, camera obscura, che guevara, clea duvall, cloud descriptions, coloring, comics, copywriting, cornrows, cranberries, crochet, cubao, cubaochapter, cynthia alexander, dada art, daria, dave barry, doodling, downelink, drawing, dreads, dreams, dvd, dykes, edie sedgwick, emiliana torrini, escher, esthero, europe, feist, felt, feminism, food descriptions, foxfire, francesca lia block, gia, girlfight, gloria steinem, graphic arts, guitar, harmonica, imagine me and you, imago, incubus, innocence mission, internet, isabel allende, jane lane, japanese street fashion, jenny shimizu, jessica zafra, journalling, joyce carol oates, judy blume, kate moennig, kawaii!, l word!, lara croft, le tigre, leona naess, lesbians, lip balm, lois lowry, lomo, lord of the rings, magazines, manga, margaret atwood, metric, michelle rodriguez, morcheeba, my sassy girl, narnia, nature, new radicals, nu107, nylon magazine, occult, oscar wilde, pablo neruda, painting, palmistry, photography, piano, pop art, pop culture, print ads, punk, racing, radio, rainbows, readymade magazine, red hot chili peppers, rilo kiley, rock & roll, samaire armstrong, sandwich, sarah blasko, sarah harmer, sarah mclachlan, saving face, shane, short hair fetish, sienna miller, singing, spikes, spiritism, stars, swagger, takky, telepopmusik, television, the powerpuff girls, tomb raider, two stupid dogs, untv, weirdness, wicca, ze color pink.

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