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let's start the rainbowlution! [userpic]

Our new baby: Katha magazine!

September 1st, 2013 (11:57 pm)

I’m so in love with magazines.
I love how it feels when you get to meet a new mag that just speaks to you, the kind that understands all your quirks and obsessions, the kind that makes you think “Where have you been all my life?”
The feeling is priceless when you discover a magazine that you love about a topic that you’re passionate about. I know that’s how I felt when I first got my hands on magazines that made me feel like it was made for me: Bust, Bitch, Readymade, Oh Comely, Frankie, Lula, Martha Stewart Living and Venus Zine, among many others. In reading them, I felt connected and I instantly felt like I had new friends–new idols, new books/movies/music/noms to discover, new places to visit and most importantly, new eyes.
With the act of reading about a topic I am already passionate about, I get to learn so much more and appreciate what I already love.

It doesn’t seem surprising then, that I added “Create an online zine with a fun theme per issue with things I love and think others will love too” to my grand bucket list.
I dreamt of a zine called “Matchstick”, and even had my graphic designer friend create a logo for it. I contacted friends who might be interested and started coming up with stories, but life somehow got in the way. That dream still lived though. Years later, the universe would be placing me in a serendipitous situation where I would finally get to fulfill that dream.

Together with my friends, Geli, Allie, Aya and Cachi, we came up with a magazine called Katha. Since we all love arts and crafts and good design, Katha is filled with that and more–as we’ve mentioned in our FB page, “Katha Magazine celebrates Filipino creatives and their boundless imagination.”

Today we release our very first issue. I can’t be more proud of our baby! Thanks to everyone who helped us create this, we’re so grateful! Thank you also to my lovely friends from the Katha team! Work seems like play with these girls. :)

I hope that when you read it it brings a smile to your face and that it inspires you to create, collaborate and share your passion with the world.

Happy reading! :)

Feel free to share the love! It’s available for reading online, downloadable, and it’s absolutely FREE! Clicky click here.

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Posted by: let's start the rainbowlution! (aphazia)
Posted at: September 3rd, 2013 01:43 pm (UTC)
kat mcleod

Glad you like it! Watch out for our next issue! :)

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