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let's start the rainbowlution! [userpic]

I've moved!

February 18th, 2015 (06:21 pm)

Hello friends!
I've moved!
Please visit me here:


See you!

let's start the rainbowlution! [userpic]

Exploring the Universe, 2014!

April 14th, 2014 (08:25 pm)

Hello lj friends!

Sorry for the absence, but I've come from a long-ish vacation..can you guess where?

Read more about it in my other blog. :)

let's start the rainbowlution! [userpic]

2013 Favorites in books, movies, music, etc

January 14th, 2014 (02:32 pm)
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I would have wanted to read more but I was always distracted, so this year I vow to at least make an effort to read more, and to stop reading books if it bores me. Here are my favorite books for 2013:

Lost Cat: A True Story of Love, Desperation, and GPS Technology by Caroline Paul and Wendy MacNaughton

I was laughing and crying while reading this. It had intrigue, romance, humor and action and I really loved reading about the love story of the author and the illustrator. Plus points for the beautiful illustrations. Extra plus points for the cats.

The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister

Got this from Booksale, since I like books with lots of food in it. I didn't expect that it would affect me so much. I might have been pms-ing when I finished it in one sitting, but at the end, my eyes were all puffy from crying sad and happy tears. I liked how it ended, how it was sort of like a book version of Love, Actually, but with more food. Cheesy and sweet, but I like it that way! I was looking for an ensaymada read that night and this was it. No regrets!

Other Stories and Other Stories by Ali Smith

Ali Smith knows how to condense a whole bunch of emotions in a short story and does it with no pretentiousness at all. I love love her writing style.

Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on love and life from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed

I want to be friends with Cheryl Strayed. I want us to color each other's hair and eat ice cream while we talk about queerness and identity and want and loneliness and and

Project 17 by Eliza Victoria

Have you read the works of Eliza Victoria? If you have, yay! If you haven't, you're missing out! Check out her works via her blog.
I love this book because she managed to write a fast-paced, interesting sci-fi/spec fic story set in RP that's smart and provocative without fattening it up with headache-inducing mumbo jumbo.


Hello lgbtq metaphor! Finally, no princes! Finally, a heroine who actually saves herself! Through her family/friends and through love! Gasp! This is my favorite movie for 2013 and my fave Disney movie as of now and the closest I could get to making my queer protagonist Disney dreams come true so I'll take it. YES!

Les Miz
I listened to the cassette tape of the Les Miz musical growing up during road trips and my dad, while driving, told us the story (because I liked books but I also have an extremely short attention span) and I dreamt of finally seeing a musical movie of it and I did and I cried and it was glorious.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Watched this by my lonesome because I couldn't wait for company and I have no regrets, I loved it so much. I read the book ages ago (I liked it more than the LOTR trilogy books because it's easier to understand, heh) but since I have the memory-keeping skills of a goldfish, I was still surprised at a lot of parts. If you heard audible gasps in the theater when you watched this, that was probably me, haha.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire
It was better than what I expected and I like it when that happens.

Moonrise Kingdom
Twee Kingdom filled me with the giddies and I watched this thrice within a week because it's just so gorgeous.


I don't really care if some songs weren't released last year, these are the songs that gave me all the feels and made me feel the most:

Tegan and Sara: Closer, Drove Me Wild
Lorde: Team
The National: Humiliation
Up Dharma Down: Turn It Well
Metric: Breathing Underwater
Stars: Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It

TV shows:

The gf and I did a rewatch of Buffy Season 7. We're both big Buffsters and I forgot how wimpy I was, but now I know again. Scary, heart-pounding stuff. I think it was more frightening this time because the issues are more grown-uppy and we marathon-watched it so the adrenaline high from each ep never left. Also, Kennedy is still annoying and will always be.

Parks and Rec
Because I want to live in a place where there are nice parks and I want to actually work there and work with Leslie Knope. I'm imagining us crafting together after work, making decoupage rah-rah plaques for the best employees and baking leaf-shaped cookies.


Recently, I've been obsessed with online comics. I dream of consistently coming up with witty, queercentric comics with that local flavor but alas I lack the wit/skills and the time to hone that "interesting funniness" factor. So for the meantime, I've been living vicariously through these fine folks from the internets.

I've been stalking the uber-talented Mich because of her fantastic comics and I got to meet her at the Metric concert! I didn't know it was her but you can be assured that fangirling abounded when the introductions were made. Hello, Mich!

Kate Beaton of Hark, a vagrant rocks my socks. Laughing while learning and learning while laughing? Yes, please! I want to be her in my next life. Check out her awesome tumblr as well!

I would like to be as hilarious and artistic as Madeleine, and be a member of her pixie haircut club and vanquish baddies with sass and personality.

P.S. Do you like kitties?

let's start the rainbowlution! [userpic]

Gratitude list: 100 artsycraftsy items ticked off my bucket list, 2013

December 25th, 2013 (08:45 pm)

At the start of the year, I made a list of wishes in my crafty bucket list.

I’m happy to say that I was able to accomplish most of them! Except for “Work with glass”, which I hope I get to try on 2014. :)

Here are artsycraftsy items I was also able to experience, items from a grand bucket list.
2013 has been such a generous, wonderful year, and my happiness and gratefulness bucket brimmeth over as well:

1. Try air-dry clay (Made pendants out of it)
2. Try modular origami
3. Check out Pinto Art Museum (For my birthday!)
4. Try Art Attack Products (The clay: great, The oil pastels: Not so)
5. Create my own scent for our diffuser (Citrus Olive)
6. Get featured in a broadsheet for my washi creations
7. Make handmade decor for Day’s baby shower party
8. Papel Picado
9. Learn to play the ukulele on my own, and jam with the gf, and then share it shamelessly on my Instagram
10. Make my own jam (Chili Strawberry Basil)
11. Make my own solid perfume: Olive-Tangerine-Mint
12. Attend Art Fair Phils. 2013
13. Do papercuts with my own illustration, then do a freestyle one.
14. Attend a Dr.Sketchy Alice-themed sketchmob event
15. Join Ukulele Manila
16. Draw on the streets using chalk at the Fort
17. Create a handmade papercut of blog logo/banner
18. Create a series of artworks (Dream sisters)
19. Create a panda bento box for her and a strawberry one for me
20. Try intaglio printing using an old cd c/o Serj Bumatay’s tutorial
21. Do a 3d papercut
22. Do a hollow book surprise
23. Wet on wet watercolor freestyle
24. Finally start that mixed media book
25. Buy a kalimba and play it
26. Play a gamelan and other asian musical instruments in Bali and CCP
27. Buy Hello Sandwich book
28. Experience silversmithing
29. Pound coffee beans oldschool way
30. Try lontar-palm etching
31. Try hand-printing, using leaves and flowers with markers
32. Study printmaking at the Phil. Association of Printmakers.
33. Try linocut, drypoint, monotype, monoprint, block printing
34. Try making glue rubber for papercutting/rubberstamping
35. Decorate home and workstation with flowers (statis in washi’d bottles!)
36. Have a small musical studio with my guitar, uke, kalimba, harmonica
37. Try ikebana
38. Visit that library in the street
39. Make yoghurt from scratch
40. Make a felt toy (stuffed cake)
41. Join a watercolor crafternoon
42. Join Fernando Sena’s art classes
43. Learn about shading, drawing with markers, pastels
44. Make a rubbercut with a rubber sole, hand printing
45. Hand color prints with watercolors
46. Check out Ronac Art Center
47. Make a landscape painting out of pastel
48. Make a portrait drawing of my mom and dad
49. Buy myself mint pens (mmm mint Stabilo)
50. Paint using oil pastels in a huge board (15×20)
51. Paint using tempera technique, watercolor
52. Make an abstract painting using pastels
53. Try classitex
54. Be personally recommended to sell handmade crafts (twice)
55. Create pastillas wrapper art
56. Create a galaxy in felt paper using pastels
57. Attend art workshop graduation
58. Receive three medals for the art workshop: Most outstanding student, best in costume, best in group work
59. Exhibit my “artwork” in an art “exhibit”
60. Teach arts and crafts to kids (Je’s pamangkins)
61. Be the chosen leader for my art class haha
62. Get recommended by a friend to design artwork for a store (Camille)
63. Be a dj for Jea’s road trip ride
64. Earn a certificate of completion with distinction for my online Art course (coursera)
65. Get myself teal markers from Art Friend
66. Pet Chestnut from cat socrates
67. Organize arts/crafts materials
68. Give my books/art materials and stuff away
69. Buy matboards
70. Try and make my very own travel palette using airdryclay and altoids tin
71. Start an online magazine: KATHA! (kathamagazine.tumblr.com)
72. Be the virtual dj for Katha’s “mixtape”
73. Have an offer to be a dj at a bar
74. Sing my “Fries” song with gf jamming on the uke over IG
75. Try a massage from hi-tech massage chair in mall, complete with inversion
76. Make a video for my washi collage in instagram
77. Punch holes in my belt c/o Mr. Quickie
78. Check out National Museum
79. See Spoliarium
80. Check out Paper Popup
81. Cook using induction (last sale, sale in SM thanks Universe)
82. Create customized merbirds (TnS birds, a portrait)
83. Attend Bloom Arts Festival (Here’s to joining next year *crosses fingers*)
84. Join the MuniPH X moonleaf event for Katha
84. Art drive for Yolanda kids
85. Sell merbirds for a cause
86. Sell customized merbirds for a cause
87. Give my customized TnS merbird artwork to Tegan and Sara
88. Have Tegan and Sara post my customized merbirds on their Instagram page (!!!)
89. Make Tegan and Sara face masks and wear it to our masquerade-theme office party and the pride march
90. Be a brand ambassador for Pixaroll
91. Color-your-own merbird
92. Cook perfect runny eggs using induction
93. Create optical illusion stamps
94. Carve stamps using rubber sole, erasers and speedball ez carve
95. Frame my papercut artworks
96. Cover walls with my art using washi tape
97. Create trompe l’oeil frames using washi tape
98. Cover walls with artwork by friends and idols
99. Have baby plants! Rubber plant, 2 oreganos, sanseveria and marigold
100. Appear on TV for Katha!

Thanks, Universe!

How about you? I’m thinking of new artsycraftsy goals for 2014, any suggestions?

(x-posted from my crafts blog, mabuhaydiy)

let's start the rainbowlution! [userpic]

The Year That Was: 2013-The Year of Wonder and Magic

December 17th, 2013 (09:35 pm)

I started this year with a declaration, like what I did with previous years. For 2013, I declared it to be "The Year of Wonder and Magic". I wanted to see the world with fresh eyes and find magic in unexpected places. It was a vague wish but the 'fleshing out' part was the best. I trusted the Universe to read my mind and she just, got me, you know? She knew me more than I knew myself, and gave me more than I could ever hope for. The New-Agey predictions all told me how lucky this year would be for me and I had my arms wide open for every sparkling opportunity, every chance encounter with lady luck.

Some highlights of the year:


Starting the year right.

♥ An artsycraftsy birthday!!

♥ Crafting crafting here.


♥ My washi obsession, preserved forever in a major broadsheet! GASP!. Also washified my lolo's uke and claimed it as mine. I've been in love with it since then.

♥ I've discovered that I actually like cutting paper.

♥ Oh my heart---Stars Live in Manila! The start of my fangirling career. I got to hug them huhu

♥ Ticking off items from my bucket list: Join Dr. Sketchy, Sidewalk art, etc. etc. Yay!


♥ My heart is brimming with love for life and friends.

♥ Ballistic over Bali. Part 1, 2, 3, and an epilogue.

Surf's Up: Baler!


♥ The beginning of my disappearance from lj aka Instagram and Wordpress addiction. I still love arts and crafts though.


♥ Graduating from Art Class! Huzzah!


♥ Lomo-ing Bali!


♥ Beaches caught on film.

♥ My first solo Singapore trip part 1. Part 2.


♥ Tales from the city.

♥ Customized desktop wallpaper for Allie!


♥ The launch of our baby, Katha Magazine! So proud of the team. :)

November and December

♥ Watching Tegan and Sara and Metric Live in Manila! Best. Year. Ever.


♥ Attending a Printmaking workshop simultaneously with my art workshop!

♥ We're on tv! Solar Daybreak featured The Katha Magazine Team. Thanks, Solar TV!

Looking at my previous posts at the start of the year, I realized how much I missed telling stories via lj and sharing with this wonderful community. My lj-friends are so loving and warm and there's no community like the lj community. For 2014, I vow to still update my wordpress and instagram, but to never abandon lj, despite the hassle of uploading pics. Maybe a once a week post if I'm not too lazy, heh. I can't wait for more adventures this coming year! :)

P.S. I promise to update my online bookblog/bookclub site more often too! Join me there?

let's start the rainbowlution! [userpic]

Bits of Bliss: Tegan and Sara and Metric Live in Manila!

December 11th, 2013 (10:11 pm)

Hello lj-friends! I'm sorry if I've abandoned lj recently. I have no one but my lazy ass to blame because I've been finding how convenient it is to just drag and drop photos in wordpress, heh.

Anyway! I've been really happy recently with how this year has been the ultimate year of magic and wonder (as I've declared it to be last January).

Two of this year's highlights: Tegan and Sara and Metric Live in Manila! MY DREAMS!

Read more about my fangirling in my other blog.

let's start the rainbowlution! [userpic]

Our new baby: Katha magazine!

September 1st, 2013 (11:57 pm)

I’m so in love with magazines.
I love how it feels when you get to meet a new mag that just speaks to you, the kind that understands all your quirks and obsessions, the kind that makes you think “Where have you been all my life?”
The feeling is priceless when you discover a magazine that you love about a topic that you’re passionate about. I know that’s how I felt when I first got my hands on magazines that made me feel like it was made for me: Bust, Bitch, Readymade, Oh Comely, Frankie, Lula, Martha Stewart Living and Venus Zine, among many others. In reading them, I felt connected and I instantly felt like I had new friends–new idols, new books/movies/music/noms to discover, new places to visit and most importantly, new eyes.
With the act of reading about a topic I am already passionate about, I get to learn so much more and appreciate what I already love.

It doesn’t seem surprising then, that I added “Create an online zine with a fun theme per issue with things I love and think others will love too” to my grand bucket list.
I dreamt of a zine called “Matchstick”, and even had my graphic designer friend create a logo for it. I contacted friends who might be interested and started coming up with stories, but life somehow got in the way. That dream still lived though. Years later, the universe would be placing me in a serendipitous situation where I would finally get to fulfill that dream.

Together with my friends, Geli, Allie, Aya and Cachi, we came up with a magazine called Katha. Since we all love arts and crafts and good design, Katha is filled with that and more–as we’ve mentioned in our FB page, “Katha Magazine celebrates Filipino creatives and their boundless imagination.”

Today we release our very first issue. I can’t be more proud of our baby! Thanks to everyone who helped us create this, we’re so grateful! Thank you also to my lovely friends from the Katha team! Work seems like play with these girls. :)

I hope that when you read it it brings a smile to your face and that it inspires you to create, collaborate and share your passion with the world.

Happy reading! :)

Feel free to share the love! It’s available for reading online, downloadable, and it’s absolutely FREE! Clicky click here.

Subscribe to Katha Magazine!
Add us on Twitter and Facebook.
Instagram: kathamagazine

We like mail too! Send us a note at kathamagazine.ph(at)gmail.com

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Collab: Customized desktop wallpaper for Allie, The Four-Eyed Wonder

August 24th, 2013 (01:01 am)

I was asked by my good friend Allie to create a desktop wallpaper for her lovely blog and I couldn’t be more thrilled and honored! Thank for this really great opportunity, Allie!

When thinking of what to paint, I thought of a feminist princess and her pet merbird in a fantasy garden. I hope it makes you smile, because I certainly had a great time making it.

Here’s what I came up with:

Download it from the blog of Allie, The Four-Eyed Wonder. Hope you like it!

Cross-posted from my other blog, Mabuhay DIY!. Check out my ombre canvas bag DIY tutorial and 98B Future market experience over there!

let's start the rainbowlution! [userpic]

A tutorial! Monotype prints

August 13th, 2013 (09:42 pm)
Tags: ,

Hello! I made a tutorial for quick, cheap, and easy monotype prints in my craft blog. Do check it out! :)

Here's my first attempt:

let's start the rainbowlution! [userpic]

Film photos: Tales from the city

August 9th, 2013 (10:00 pm)

While mourning the death of my Vivitar camera, I remembered how I was given a basic point and shoot camera as a birthday gift when I was a young girl. I wasn’t able to use it that much since I had no budget for film back then. I still have no budget now, haha, but I am blessed with generous friends (Thanks D and G!) who share their film rolls with me. I wish I could have unlimited film and free film developing. However, since it’s more pricey than digital photos, I like how it forces you to commit to a memory, and fast: What would I love remembering–this moment before I blow the candles on my cake with all my guests expectantly grinning at me, the moment of the actual candle-blowing with the singing on the background, the pleasant taste of the most delicious cake I’ve ever tasted?

I find myself budgeting my shots and forgetting about my film rolls. In an effort to save, I stash my used film rolls in a bag somewhere, with the goal of having the lot (cheaper in bulk) developed and delivered to me by my beloved Digiprint. Alas, Digiprint is no more, and I am left with undeveloped rolls and a bit of regret about the wasted time.

However! Fuijifilm still develops film, and even if they cost more than what Digiprint used to charge, I still feel happy that my memories could return to me with all the dreamy haze that only a film photo could provide.

Here, then, are snapshots from my beloved Manila, a slice of everyday:

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